In a world dominated by technology, where digital reigns supreme, Welcome to Wake the Kids – a haven for ‘good old-fashioned’ printable coloring pages. Amidst the virtual buzz, we cherish the tangible joy of a freshly printed coloring sheet and the delightful aroma of crayons. Here, we firmly believe that nobody outgrows the magic of coloring.

Our seasoned artists channel years of experience to craft enchanting, high-quality coloring pages for kids. Unleash the creativity, explore our vibrant world, and download these free treasures because we’re dedicated to preserving the simple joys that come with a splash of color and a world of imagination. It’s time to Wake the Kids!

Meet The Artists

Somnath Das

Somnath, a dynamic graphic designer and a devoted artist, has a distinct flair for blending creativity with precision. This deep appreciation for the subtleties of design marks his journey as an artist, and he effortlessly translates this passion into captivating illustrations that capture the imagination. Somnath’s artistic expressions are a testament to his commitment to creating engaging and visually appealing coloring pages for children.

Anirban Chatterjee

With his passion for drawing and painting running deep, Anirban brings a unique blend of creativity and expertise to our team. His artistic journey is marked by a genuine joy in crafting delightful and imaginative coloring pages that spark the creativity of young minds. We’re excited to share his work with you and hope that the joy he experiences while creating these pages resonates with the young artists exploring our collection.

Toushali Banerjee

As a dedicated artist at Wake the Kids, Toushali brings a unique perspective to coloring pages. Her love for creating enchanting visuals and her distinct feminine style shine through in every stroke, adding a touch of elegance and charm to our gallery. Explore her contributions to our collection and discover the artistic charm that sets Toushali apart in delivering engaging and delightful coloring experiences for all the young minds out there.