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Lego Ninjago Coloring Pages

Toushali Banerjee
Updated: 17th June 2024
Dimensions A4

Main Characters

Color the heroes! Join Kai, Jay, and the team in their vibrant ninja adventures.



Special Editions & Forms

Unique moments await! Color special editions featuring Ninjago’s extraordinary events.

Titanium Zane
Red Ninjago
Kai ZX
Green Ninjago
Golden Ninjago
Blue Ninjago
Black Ninjago

Seasonal & Thematic Ninjago

Seasons change, so does Ninjago. Add colors to festive and thematic scenes.

Ninjago Valentine
Christmas Ninjago

Villains & Antagonists

Dark hues for dark foes. Give life to Ninjago’s intriguing antagonists.


Ninjago Series & Themes

Explore different series themes. Each coloring page tells a new story.

Ninjago Skybound
Ninjago Sons of Garmadon
Ninjago Prime Empire
Ninjago Rebooted
Ninjago Crystalized

Allied Characters & Species

Allies unite! Color the friends and species that aid our heroes.


Creatures & Foes

From mythical beasts to formidable foes, bring these creatures to life with color.

Snake (Serpentine)
Great Devourer
Ninjago Skeleton
Ninjago Dragon
Stone Army

Artifacts & Weapons

Artifacts and weapons of power await your artistic touch.

Ninjago Time Blades
Ninjago Spinjitzu
Ninjago Weapons
Ninjago Mask

Vehicles & Machinery

Gear up to color high-tech Ninjago vehicles and machinery.

Ninjago Ship
Ninjago Vehicles
Ninjago Mech
Lego Ninjago
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